Chasing the dream, to rise up and become a storyteller and a lyricist who speaks for people who do not have a platform – this is part of Caleb’s vision. We highlight this aspect of his music with his 2017 tracks: Soul (video below) and Produced by J. Cole (stream below). Below, we also included Want It All, which was the 2015 Hip Hop Exn song of the year.


“Do I reflect on the world?

I do…

Kendrick tells the story of the black man so well

because he is tapped into the world…

that’s the goal,

we’ve got to speak for people,

some people can’t voice how they feel…

we’ve got to tell those stories

and we’ve got to speak for those people…

it’s our job as artists” 

This sound clip is alive with the energy of the scene.

Caleb and Hip Hop Exn chat quietly in a park in Oakland as the day long birthday festivities for him and Cash Campain die down, but the conversations remain lively in the background.  If you listen carefully, you can catch not only the conversation with Caleborate, but that of Coach Nic and Cash Campain, with gems like “Caleb can do that, he can get on your nerves…”

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